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We Buy Junk Cars in Wheaton, Minnesota

Do you possess a dead or dying automobile that you wish somebody would give you some money for? We buy junk cars Wheaton, MN from anyone and pick them up for free. Maybe your yard is beginning to resemble the opening scenes of a classic Sanford and Son episode from the 70's, and the wife and neighbors are nagging you to clean it up because you have a junk car sitting there.

Well, believe it or not, many companies will be more than happy to come and haul away broken down automobiles in Wheaton, MN. Not only will they relieve you of these unsightly and often dangerous burdens, but also most are even willing to pay you a few bucks to take the wreckage off your hands.

We here at Kelly's junk yards in MN will be happy to purchase any junk automobile, running or not, from anywhere in Minnesota or surrounding states. In many cases we will pick up your clunker the same day with cash in hand.

Even if your car or truck is completely useless, and has been sitting out in the rain, sleet, and snow for decades we will contact scrap metal companies, auction houses, and dealers in order to be able to offer you the highest price for your car; all of whom will be interested in obtaining your broken down vehicle.

Cash For Junk Cars in Wheaton, MN

A family run business for almost 40 years, Kelly's has been paying cash for junk cars, reclaiming, recycling, and restoring junk cars since way back in the early 70s. Our qualified service technicians are skilled in evaluating and assessing the value of older automobiles, and will happily take a look under the hood and let you know if maybe you should hold onto that crusty classic a little bit longer, or whether or not you should allow us to haul it away at no charge.

We prefer to locate and purchase vehicles in Wheaton, MN that may have a bit of spark left in them after all. We will gladly pay you more than the assessed junk value if we think we can refurbish and resell the vehicle. That is our claim to fame.

Sell Junk Car in Wheaton, Minnesota

So, if you find yourself standing amongst the ruins of a four-wheel graveyard and need to sell your junk car, we can help. Or maybe you're tired of being harassed by your spouse to once again allow grass to grow unimpeded, or maybe even being forced to handle your unlicensed junkyard by concerned neighborhood citizens who have seen fit to have a police officer visit you with a court order to move your unsightly collection give us a call at 800-635-0110 and let Kelly lend you a helping hand by removing your rusty wreckage.

Chances are pretty good that by the end of the day you and your spouse, along with your neighbors in Wheaton, MN will all be part of a much happier community, and you may even be able to go out to dinner with the cash we give you. Now that's recycling!

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