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What if I have lost my keys for the car or truck?

If your vehicle is just going to be crushed as junk then there's no worries. If you can call us directly at Kellys Junk Yards Minnesota and inform us of that fact before you make the order, in most cases we can accommodate you.

What If I Do Not Have The Title For My Car?

In most cases if you have lost the title to your car, Kellys Junk Yards Minnesota can work around it as long as you have a copy of the registration for the car you're selling a copy of your MN driver's license.

What Can We Do If I Lost My Registration?

We need a copy of your registration or title in order to pick up your vehicle, your Minnesota motor vehicle department will be able to help you replace it or get a copy but we cannot pick up a car without either a title or a copy of the registration.

I Have The Title But I Am Not The Actual Owner Of The Car?

If you have the necessary permission from the current owner to dispose of the vehicle, we at Kellys Junk Yards Minnesota can help you. In many cases a friend or family member helps an elderly person dispose of their car. It's very common in our business.

I Purchased A Real Estate Property With An Abandoned Car On It?

You will need to speak to your local police station for instructions regarding the proper paperwork needed for any abandoned vehicles in left on your property. We will not be able to send a driver to pick up your car until you have received some counsel from the Minnesota authorities.

Can You Really Give Me Cash For My Car?

Call us to arrange the most convenient time for you, we pay cash on the spot and our towers are insured and experienced. Most times we pick up your car and pay you cash, the same day you call. Please call Kellys Junk Yards Minnesota right now and we'll setup the best time to schedule pickup for you...

Do I Have To Be There When You Come To Get The Car?

Not really, but someone has to be there unless we have setup a special circumstance by phone before we send a driver out from Kellys Junk Yards Minnesota.

Am I Really Paid In Cash?

Yes. The price we quote you is the amount of cash you'll receive and unlike many other removal services or car buyers, there are NO hidden fees, NO extra charges and Kellys Junk Yards Minnesota will pay you at the same time we pick up your vehicle...

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