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About Us

We are a couple of guys who love cars. We have been dabbling in buying and selling cars for years and finally decided to do it full time. We live in the Minneapolis area and wanted to finally start buying 20 to 30 cars a week instead of one. We have some good relationships with several of the junk yards in Minnesota that we developed over the years as we were buying parts from many of them to repair some of the old cars we worked on. Because of those relationships, we believe that we can pay more for your junk cars when you're ready to get rid of them.

If your car is running and driving or even if it isn't but is in decent shape, I guarantee we can pay more than the normal car dealer or salvage yard. We pride ourselves in taking an old car and making it look and run like new as long as there's some life left in it. if you need to get rid of any kind of vehicle whether it be a truck, car, SUV or even a bus, we'd be honored to have a shot at getting you the most money for your vehicle. Thank you!

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